A/W 2012 collection 'Interpretation of alter ego in unconsciousness'

This collection is indicative of the concept through observation of two different selves of human. One is true self, other is repressed another self of human caused by external pressure in this modern society and this repressed self can be expressed through unconscious. In this unconscious, there seems to be no rules, moralities set by the society and are the only place were the repressed human’s desire can convey itself.

And the energy of these repressed desires are coming into ‘substitute activities’ such as dreams and parapraxis, which are expressed in the unconscious. And these energies could also be transmitted into creative activities. As a result, these creative activities can be metaphor of human’s true desire. With this in mind, this collection was derived from these creative activities to find another self of pattern cutting and the concept of this collection can be seen in two methodologies.

one is 'Alter ego of pattern cutting' to replace garment patterns into the place which is not supposed to belong to them and other one is 'Imaginarium of pattern cutting' to show juxtaposition of unfamiliar and unexpected meeting of garment patterns. these concepts create new silhouette and also give new meanings to garment pattern.

The Korean designer, Byungmun Seo was born in Seoul and after working for menswear brand 'Series' of Fnc Kolon, He moved to London where he attended London college of fashion for his Master.

His collections encapsulate a measured study of pattern cutting and a mixture of textures in the mood of darkness and also his work is harmoniously characterized by a poetic mentality with a juxtaposition of rough and refined silhouette to show multiple expressions of his identity. Byungmun Seo is always obsessive about depicting human's nature creating a story and then interpret the story in his work. It is to derive a new concept from the interpretation and apply it to the development of design.

Byung mun Seo

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