The Bojaki collection of inflatable, foldable, flat-pack housewares & furniture aims to integrate the user into the manufacturing process, strengthening the user’s bond to the piece while easing on transportation & production costs.

Though the fabric looks soft & squishy, it is very rigid making it sturdy enough to hang or hold the weight of a sitting person. Consistent use of buckles, strings, & eyelets to bind the unique fabric ensure aesthetic continuity though shapes & purposes vary from piece to piece.

New graduate Jy Yeon Suh from Central Saint Martins has created a new design process involving inflating fabrics with a special foam. The result is a collection of playful homewares with a unique “cushioned” aesthetic. The ‘BOJAKI’ collection makes use of this new manufacturing process for homewares to combat the negative side-effects of mass manufacturing, consumption and transporation.

Bojaki collection

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