“Be Cover” is her final collection that was inspired by the green witch Elphaba from “Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz” musical.

In a beautiful illustration of her motto 'your hands never betray you', Minju Kim presents a womenswear collection combining handcrafts and new materials into stunning silhouettes. At the basis of the collection is the feeling Minju got whilst watching the movie 'Wicked', about the green witch of Oz, which is not a bad person but who is discriminated against because she is green.

The beauty of the unexpected and the unknown is developed into girly garments that look like shiny plastic wrappers, playing with big circular volumes and see-through elements, mainly made out of raffia, plastic tweed, jacquards and rubber. One can fully take cover in one of the bulky voluminous silhouettes with candy wrapper sleeves, or show more of yourself in the tops and skirts made of rubber ribbons.

The strong rubber is melted , twisted and kotted into sweet bows, all handstitched into fabulous see-through garments. Just like in the 1st year of the Antwerp fashion education, Minju digged deeper into handwork, volumes, body shapes and time-consuming experiments, in order to get the best possible approach for this deceivingly sweet collection.

Photography: Quentin De Wispelaere
Styling: Edmund Ooi Kee Song
Make-up: Sigrid Volders for Chanel
Hair: Sigrid Volders for Kevin Murphy
Model: Jessica at Jill Models Management

“Dear My Friend” H&M Design Awards 2013

Minju Kim presented her new collection “Dear My Friend”  via a catwalk show in Stockholm a few days ago and was awarded the 2013 H&M Design Award Winner.  Her HANDMADE collection plays with texture, colour and infuses traditional elements, such as Japanese illustrations on leather.   Kim’s mini-capsule hits H&M stores in Europe this autumn/winter 2013-14.

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