Ketchup Organs, 2005 Acrylic on wall Dimensions variable

Mandu love, Fire love

Baik’s paintings are rhythmic explorations of form, occupying a zone between the figurative and the abstract. The artist’s activities within the fields of music, poetry and film point to an instinctive defiance of boundary and constraint. We find within his work what appears to be a direct access to the subconscious, similar to the process of automatism. Internal conflicts are exteriorised in the form of a rush of colour and abstraction. Out of this tumultuous mindscape may appear figurative forms and human features. The explosive colour schemes and morphing of figurative and abstract forms give the paintings a transformative power.

Baik Hyunjhin is a musician-cum-poet-cum-artist. As an underground musician, he has been highly renowned for his experimental and unique music & performance in organized in 1994. Until now, UHUHBOO has distributed 3 music albums including soundtracks for important Korean films.


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