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Rapporte de Franck 2017

Project ASSEMBLED HALF with Franck Rausch

photographer Kichun Park

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South Korean native found her place in Berlin, where she launched her collection that seems like a weareable art. Sojin Park, illustrator and designer, has created a really special label.

Although Assembled Half was born after graduating from EsMod Berlin, the idea of starting her own line accompanied Sojin, even before coming to Berlin. So, the style of the brand is well- defined, a mix of fantasy world and simple silhouettes: “I would describe it as unisex and comfortable. Everything is handmade and hand-painted. I love to give my designs the “unfinished” look."

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Front Door Whihtout House 2017

Exceptional designs are made in small quantities; that’s what makes them even more special: “Every hand-painted piece has its own number so you can be sure you’re the only one in the world with the particular design.” Materials they use include light wool, cotton, linen, denim or even paper!

Sojin considers her label to be a mental expression, the representation of freedom in creativity. She finds the inspiration in old films & books, vintage haute couture and ancient cultures: “I don’t follow trends, I use my strong visual imagination instead.” We can see the artistic influence in all of her designs, even the production process starts with drawing/ painting the specific design: “It all starts with drawing and continues with picking the right fabric.”

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Painting, Drawings

Assembled Half is all about unique designer pieces with an artistic feel. But the brand isn’t limiting itself. They are about to step into interior design: “I’m already planning to introduce Assembled Home line!”

SoJin Park is a Berlin-based fashion designer and illustrator. She graduated from EsMod Berlin in 2014 and a year later started her label Assembled Half for which she creates one-of-a-kind unisex clothing that could also double as artwork. Her work always begins with her drawings, and each piece is produced by screen-printing or painting directly on the fabric. The result is collections that mix fantastical elements, simple silhouettes, and the rawness of unfinished textiles.


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