List of 50 words in response to the email from Paul Elliman:
“The question I'm asking has long term implications for your practice: What are the main themes, interests, formal recurrences, motifs, motivations, grinding axes, personal obsessions and spectral autisms inherent in your own work?”
Using Visual Thesaurus, 50 keywords are connected each other when they have common thesaurus, to group them by their relations.

50 Words in 3D (alpha) A.K.A. Thesis Helmet
Second iteration of the 50 Words in Relation, initiated by a questionnaire given from Paul Elliman. Exploration was started with the idea of putting 50 keywords in a three-dimensional field by each of their relation to my mind. Later development was aimed to establish a navigational system of a virtual brain, inspired by Johnny Lee’s Wii Remote Projects.
Processing with WiiRemote, Infrared LEDs and Constrction Helmet , 800 x 600 pixels

E Roon Kang

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