The Hyundai Clix takes the form of a 2 + 2 sports coupe. It is the work of the European Design Center of Hyundai Motor Company, which is situated in the German town of Frankfurt am Main. The philosophy behind the Hyundai Clix is to offer drivers and passengers alike the best of all worlds.

It boasts dynamic handling, not to mention top notch road handling for a sports coupe. The Hyundai Clix also got high marks for critics for boasting the versatility of a pick up truck or an SUV – certainly an unusual feat for a sports vehicle to attain.

The Hyundai Clix inspired much hype for its roof, which is completely made of glass. It consists of four different panels, and boasts a high tech opening mechanism that it takes six motors to power. This makes the Hyundai Clix effectively transform from a coupe in to a targe, then a cabriolet, and finally a pick up truck. The roof panels of the vehicle are stored under the rear seats when this process takes place.

The Hyundai Clix is strictly a concept car.

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