The Kia Soul'ster Concept pickup truck has been named the 2009 Concept Truck of the Year during the 2009 North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Mich. It's the first Kia concept vehicle to win one of the Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards, chosen by a jury of more than two dozen North American automotive journalists.

The Soul'ster debuted at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. It's a small-footprint, front-wheel-drive, two-door garden truck derived from Kia's new 2010 Soul, a car-based compact four-door crossover powered by either a 1.6- or 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

"The Soul production vehicle has provided our design team with a tremendous platform for expression, and with the Soul'ster we sought to highlight a different side of the Soul and take it to another level," said Tom Kearns, chief designer, Kia Design Center America. "It is an honor for the Soul'ster to be named Concept Truck of the Year, and further proof that Kia's global commitment to design is dramatically altering the brand's image and consumer opinion of our company and our vehicles."

Kia Motors America (KMA)

Mobility icons: India
Florian Seidl, Chanwie Park, Craig Morrison

Chanwie Park's concept addresses the fact that Indian cars are often modified by their users according to their individual needs. People living in rural areas carry grain and livestock by a trailer but they also want to use their car to carry passengers. Using a modular principle, drivers can can apply their craftsmanship in changing the car to fulfill their needs.

Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Show 2007

Noah concept RCA Vehicle Design 2008

Seating for Every Shape Bum

Remember the story about Goldilocks and the 3 bears? While the bears were out, she helped her way into their house trying everything until she found the perfect fit. In hindsight she was on to something. We all want products designed custom just for us. The Wave Seat eludes to this old axiom and makes it possible thru the magic of nanotubes.
Imagine, future vehicles may have interiors that reconfigure themselves to each passenger. Conductive polymers infused with nanotubes stretch and contract when electric currents pass thru them, stiffening and softening where needed. This system is also perfect for hauling cargo, keeping things perfectly snug. In this day in age there is no point in having fixed layouts - 2 seaters, 4 seaters should be history. Wave Seat is an open source platform where users can create their own layout to facilitate conversation or privacy.


Jung Hoon Rhee

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