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Remember the story about Goldilocks and the 3 bears? While the bears were out, she helped her way into their house trying everything until she found the perfect fit. In hindsight she was on to something. We all want products designed custom just for us. The Wave Seat eludes to this old axiom and makes it possible thru the magic of nanotubes.
Imagine, future vehicles may have interiors that reconfigure themselves to each passenger. Conductive polymers infused with nanotubes stretch and contract when electric currents pass thru them, stiffening and softening where needed. This system is also perfect for hauling cargo, keeping things perfectly snug. In this day in age there is no point in having fixed layouts - 2 seaters, 4 seaters should be history. Wave Seat is an open source platform where users can create their own layout to facilitate conversation or privacy.


Jung Hoon Rhee

DETROIT – Scheduled for introduction at the 2008 North American International Auto Show, the HUMMER HX concept reflects the innovative minds of three new GM designers - David Rojas, Min Young Kang and Robert Jablonski - whose first assignment was to provide a vision for the future design of off -road vehicles.

HUMMER HX Concept Designers. X07CO_EX137

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Disclosed is a hands and feet operated folding bicycle which is easily convertible into a hand bike suitable to be used by persons who have serious handicap in the lower body. The steering of the bicycle is accomplished as a rider moves the center of his/her body toward a desired traveling course. Also, considering the folding of the hands and feet operated folding bicycle, if a saddle backrest is laid down forward, a pair of axles, which are installed foldably at opposite sides of a rear wheel frame housing, are pulled forward by axle drive rods coupled to axle drive rod end hooks of a saddle backrest frame, whereby a pair of rear wheels, which are coupled to knuckle arms at opposite ends of both the axles, are pulled and gathered forward to thereby complete the folding of the bicycle.


In this case, since the knuckle arms are connected to a pair of tie rods, and in turn, the tie rods are connected to opposite sides of a steering bar by means of a pair of tie rod ends, the tie rods can serve to steer the bicycle on the basis of the tilt of the rider's body during traveling. Also, in the course of folding the bicycle, the tie rods can serve to allow the knuckle arms to be kept parallel to each other while facilitating the forward displacement of the knuckle arms.

Thereby, the pair of rear wheels, which are rotatably coupled to outer sides of both the knuckle arms, respectively, can be displaced forward while being kept parallel to each other. Also, since a second fork for supporting a front wheel is connected to a rear wheel frame by means of foldable hinges, if the second fork is released by use of a second fork fixing handle having an eccentric cam, a front wheel mechanism can be folded downward.

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The second fork is also hingedly coupled, at a front end thereof, to a front end of a first fork that constitutes the front wheel mechanism along with the second fork. In turn, a first fork fixing bush, which is hingedly coupled to a control bush supporting bar coupling bracket, is inserted into the first fork in such a manner that it is movable to be secured at a desired position. With this configuration, if a first fork control bush fixing handle is released, the first fork can be folded

Jin Man, Choi    A Recumbent Bike
2006 Taipei International Invention Show and Technomart Award Winners

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