Concept of yacht for minimalistic but yet comfortable rest called Tofi was created by designer Hyun-Seok Kim had won the first place in the concest 2011 “Dreamboat” Millennium Yacht Design Award .

Dreamboat has a living room-studio intended to spend on it most of the time allocated on a sea voyage, two bedrooms with excellent views of the water spaces, separated shower. From the common room you can go to the large terrace designed for dances, talk or just chit-chatting. On sunny days it can be used as private beach.

On the other side of Tofi there is a small glass room with a hole in the floor for fishing in all weather conditions. Also there is another, completly unexpected place for relax – the roof. Here you can find a small playground with a couple of benches, tables and a barbeque. Also it has access to the diving board.

Both the elegant and futuristic style are combined perfectly on this Yacht. Both the back and front side of this luxurious yacht is completed with moveable roof. Very useful for protecting the passenger inside the yacht along sunny day or rainy season. Designed by Hyun Seok Kim, this futuristic yacht design is shaded in black color. So that the yacht looks quite elegant yet futuristic.

The interior of the yacht is also completed with several room such as small kitchen, a bedroom and also a toilet. Three sun beds is also added on this yacht. The main deck features 4 comfy sofa and also 4 foldable sofa. This main deck is a focal point for the passenger for getting relax or doing another activities.

Hyun Seok Kim

FIOLE CHANEL Fashion Art of Vehicle


Called the ‘POP’, Kia’s latest concept car boasts zero-emissions – whilst in use – and at three metres long, yet with a three seat layout, brings innovative design chic and dramatic styling to the city car segment.

Kia will bring this year at the Paris Auto Show a new concept, already anticipated by several teaser pictures. The South-Korean automaker plans to attract the public’s attention with an electric vehicle, designed for the crowded cities, which adopts a nonconformist design, drawn by the same Peter Schreyer.

The first informations talk about the new concept as being Kia’s first intention to enter an European auto market, in continuous growing, the one of micro-cars. Named Pop, the concept will bring an electric unit powered by lithium-ion batteries, which can be recharged from the cells integrated in the panoramic roof.

Kia Motors

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