Designer Bora Kim didn’t just want one car. Thustly, there are two. This Jeckyll and Hyde concept goes along the lines of what Kim predicts will be the next wave of high-class cars – “Eco Luxury.” That being conscious of how what you’re purchasing is effecting the environment you’re going to drive it in. It’s just smart, yes?

The Jeckyll and Hyde differentiates itself from the eco-car movement a slight bit because it is meant to be “luxury.” Thus it aims to combine Art and Philosophy. This is meant to come out in the aesthetics of the car. The waves, the whooshes, the loveliness.

The car’s working bits! They are this: power generated from solar, wind, and electric sources. A moving surface which, like a sunflower, aims itself toward the largest sunlight source. When wind power is easier to access, it turns to that. The technology isn’t quite all there yet, but the idea in this concept is to change the minds of those with the cash first. Investing in technological breakthroughs in ecological safety methods is the new black.

Investing in intelligence, not size and material.

Be you a lover of the darkness or of the light, all your green functions are yours to ride with. Both Jeckyl AND Hyde save the world with their wind power generators and flexible solar panels, for they are one, and when the root of all evil (cash money) is turned into planet-helping functions, the good shines through.


There are following the 2025 concept, slits open up in its rear panels revealing amber hazard lights, patches of the car’s skin also darken. The same amber slips are found on the front and sides of the vehicle. Jong took his inspiration from nature’s Fire Salamander, which uses its bright, menacing colours to ward off potential predators.

Young Ho Jong

The SLR Stirling Moss is a limited edition (75 vehicles) of the series, which uses a speedster styling that does not include roof or windscreen. The design is inspired by the 300 SLR race car by a young Korean designer Yoon Il-hun, who working in headquarter of Mercedes-Benz Germany . It is the last series of the McLaren SLR built under the partnership between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren.

The supercharged V8 engine is rated 650 PS (480 kW; 640 hp). The car's top speed is 350 km/h (220 mph) with acceleration from 0–100 km/h under 3.5 seconds. The car is approximately 200 kg (440 lb) lighter than the regular model.
The SLR Stirling Moss began production in June 2009, after SLR Roadster's production ended in May 2009. All 75 cars will be produced by December 2009 . The SLR Stirling Moss has MSRP of €750,000 and will be available only to current SLR owners.
The vehicle was unveiled in 2009 NAIAS.

The exclusive SLR Stirling Moss rounds off the current SLR family and is limited to 75 units. It is priced at 750,000 euros. The new SLR Stirling Moss is characterised by the most sophisticated technology and a breathtaking design which reinterprets the SLR legend. With 478 kW/650 hp the SLR Stirling Moss accelerates its V8 supercharged engine from standstill to 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds, and has a top speed of 350 km/h – no other series-production car is at the same time so open and so fast. This extreme concept makes the new high-performance sports car a legitimate bearer of the name of the British motor racing legend and Mille Miglia record-holder Stirling Moss, who drove the legendary Mercedes-Benz SLR racing cars from victory to victory during the 1950s.

Mercedes-Benz F600 Hygenius Concept

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