The Chevrolet Cruze is a General Motors (GM) automobile, spanning two unrelated generational lineages. The first series, a subcompact crossover SUV, was manufactured by Suzuki in Japan between 2001 and 2008 under joint venture with GM. From 2008, the "Cruze" moniker has been applied to a globally-developed compact car, designed, manufactured and retailed entirely within GM.

Badged Holden Cruze in Australasia and Daewoo Lacetti Premiere in South Korea, the 2008 onwards model is related only in name to the Suzuki-derived original, and does not serve as its successor. Instead, the new car replaces two unrelated models—the Chevrolet Cobalt and Daewoo Lacetti.

This preceding Lacetti was sold internationally as either a Buick, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Holden or Suzuki. GM phased out production of the Chevrolet Cobalt and its badged engineered counterpart, the Pontiac G5 in 2010 upon the introduction of the Chevrolet Cruze in North America.

Exterior Design Chang Hyeok Jeon,  Young Suk Jo
The Hyundai Veloster concept, codenamed the HND-3, was a concept sports coupe unveiled at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show.

The Veloster name, a compound of velocity and roadster is intended to highlight the sporty characteristics of a classic two-plus-two layout. A panoramic glass roof and other futuristic styling cues including LED lighting help the Veloster project a high-tech image.

Styled at Hyundai´s Design and Technical Center at Namyang, the Veloster (codenamed HND-3) coupe is the third in a series of daring concept cars to be developed by the central styling studio in Korea. The Veloster name, a compound of velocity and roadster evokes the sporty characteristics of a classic two-plus-two. A panoramic glass roof and other futuristic styling cues help project a high-tech image.

Designed to cater to the tastes of the Y-generation, Veloster combines simple, iconic design with good value and robust construction.

The 2011 CX-9 combines three rows of enhanced interior space all wrapped up in a body that looks as great as it drives. Powered by Mazda's fuel efficient 3.7-liter V6 engine, this Crossover vehicle has enough Zoom-Zoom to spoil all seven passengers.

Redesigned for the 2010 model year, the refreshed 2012 Mazda 3 is Mazda’s first application of SKYACTIV technologies in North America, receiving an all-new SKYACTIV-G gasoline engine as well as the all-new SKYACTIV-Drive six-speed automatic transmission and all-new SKYACTIV-MT six-speed manual transmission.

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