Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) 8th Poster, 2004
130 x 180 cm, Acrylic Color, Photoshop

The official poster of PiFan 2004 was conceived from the image of "Freak Show." It represents in a wild and old-fashioned touch PiFan as a festival that is willing to break the taboos and lead the audience to the extraordinary world.

"The Sausage Brothers" holding a camera in the poster were transformed from 'Ggaebie,' the logo of PiFan. They are equipped with a skill of cinematography and their vocation is to create 'Fantasy,' one of the three PiFan themes of Love, Fantasy, and Adventure. It is a tribute to the directors who have been enthusiastically making films to open up a fantastic world to us.

The other selves of little sausages coming out from the camera symbolize their being nutrient to the little animals watching the magical scene. With the 'fantastic character' transformed from food, the poster embraces not only popular and friendly image of the PiFan, but also strange yet humorous touch.

Pigeons may manage Google's system. 2007

The Dreamy Planet.  chapter 9. 2009

The remarkable rocket.  2007
This is the launching site of the rockets in the short story 'The remarkable rocket' of Oscar Wilde.

Noh, Jun-gu, and he studied advertising design at Hongik University in South Korea. Recently he completed the course of MA Illustration at Kingston University in London.

Jun Gu Noh

Standarded -  Tela Paper,  acrylic, Pen 150×100cm_2011

'Shanhaekyung' is the oldest dictionary showing images of bizarre birds, animals, Taoist and devil. Imagined monsters and the fearful existence from the people were lived at that time are in the book. Birdman from the Koguryo relic is also appeared in.

She draws imagined counterphobic monster image from herself-portrait. Hidden the other face from the face is also her inner face. The drawing is powerful. The pen-and-ink drawings show the power of description using the special material ' tela-paper'. The crawling scraggy line makes people feel not just only an abstract expressionism's concept, but also a clear design conception. The work creates as a blendning creature between a human and an animal from the assembled inner complicated works. The work is in labor intensive process. Artist said, " The action of painting is not a labor but a little painful, but thrilling amusement.". - Park Young Taek

2010-3-3 - Tela Paper,  acrylic, Pen 150×104cm_2011

A pig   -  Tela Paper,  acrylic, Pen 150×130cm_2011

Ducking - Tela Paper,  acrylic, Pen 150×130cm_2011

Enforced insight -  Tela Paper,  acrylic, Pen 150×130cm_2011

I was born, and raised in Seoul Korea. After graduated high school, I've moved to NY. USA, and received BFA at Southampton Longisland Univ, and MA AT C.W.Post Longisland University. After receiving degrees, I've back to Southa Korea where is all my family are.

Most of my works are portraits. Since 2004 till 2009, I've mostly used Acrylic, then after 2009, I've changed using medium to pen, and acrylic on acid free paper.

I am trying to look at two monsters which is inside of me, and the other is outside of me.

Seung Yea Park

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