sketches for A&E's Coma

The influence of my work mainly comes from media. I grew up watching lots and lots of television. My work revolves around pop culture, fun and excitement. However, when people see my work, they do not see “bumble gum hyper Japanese things”. Although it is filled with these images, I could not let go of my darker, more depressed nature. It may be because of loosing my mother to depression, or a simple crushed heart. Whatever it is, there was always a taste of darkness in my work. People have different ways of coping with such tragedies. I’ve learned to cope through drawing. My color pallet has changed from dark muted tones to those of pastel colors. The medium has also changed, from heavy acrylics to the more light, color pencils.

sketches for HBO's Newsroom

Working with children has also played an integral part in my life as an artist. I’ve learned to not take life so seriously and just have fun making images. Like a Pre-schooler wouldn’t question his/her ability to draw the human figure, I’ve learned to just draw for fun.

When people see my work, I would like them to see hope. We all go through struggles in life, some bigger than others,…we are all bombarded with images of despair and destruction. I just want to draw something that will bring smiles, peace and healing to the audience.

Fawn Fruits aka Daniel Hyun Lim is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. He is currently an illustration instructor at Otis college of Art and Design, Santa Monica College and Red Engine Studios.

Daniel Hyun Lim


Outland - Ecstasy of Gold -The Revenge, my cyborg daddy.


nkw  Kwang Woo Nam


my pet robot


Futuristic concept trucks vehicles cars by korean transportation designer sean yoo

Sean yoo

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