2009 Sep, The Sound of Kiss

In the Tongue Music project, I examine a performance-instrumental that makes use of the human tongue to yield amorous sounds, either by solo using a primary tongue controller or as a duet (The Sound of a Kiss) pairing a tongue controller and a receiver. I describe the design of the system and how the participants use the technology in a creative way to produce music.

Hye Yeon Nam

Kim and Mikesell presented a ‘Hodu: “Zero Failure” Physical Therapy System.’ It is a physical therapy device inspired by Korean traditional medicine in which a person holds two walnuts in a hand, tight and loose alternately, to reduce stress and pain. They have designed the system to allow easier collection of patient recuperation data.

The Hodu system looks like a small dumbbell, designed to strengthen the grasping power of a hand. It is equipped with a pressure sensor showing three different LED colors.

MIT Media lab submitted T Relief: A computer interface that enables direct interactive experience with geospatial datasets by rendering them as three-dimensional physical shapes augmented with projected graphics.

Siggraph Research Challenge

Augmented Shadow 2010 View

Augmented Shadow is a design experiment producing an artificial shadow effect through the use of tangible objects, blocks, on a displayable tabletop interface. Its goal is to offer a new type of user-experience. The project plays on the fact that shadows present distorted silhouettes depending on the light. Augmented Shadows take the distortion effect into the realm of fantasy. Shadows display below the objects according to the physics of the real world. However, the shadows themselves transform the objects into houses, occupied by shadow creatures. By moving the blocks around the table the user sets off series of reactions within this new fantasy ecosystem.

This experiment brings augmented reality to the tabletop by way of a tangible interface. The shadow effect is an ‘interface metaphor.’ Second, the unexpected user experience results from manipulating the users’ visual perceptions, expectations, and imagination to inspire re-perception and new understanding. Therefore, users can play with the shadows lying on the boundary between the real, virtual, and fantasy.

: Credits : Katherine Moriwaki, Louisa Campbell, Marko Tandefelt, Loretta Wolozin, Zachary Lieberman, Anezka Sebek, Nick Hardeman, Stephen Varga, Uros Otasevic, Jenny Tsai, Yongsub Song, Namsoo

Joon Moon

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