" The brilliant and mysterious colours which the gem stones radiate in harmony with metal wires gave me the utmost joy of creation, a feeling of giving birth to a new life through sensitive interchange".

Winner of Hollowware Award at 15th Silver Triennial, Sterling Silver, 215x130mm

15 th Silver Triennial (international touring exhibition) Following this, the exhibition will move to other venues in Germany, Denmark and Belgium as well as selected specialised silvershops throughout Europe. The exhibitions will be accompanied by a bilingual catalogue (German/English) with illustrations of the selected pieces.

The Silver Triennial began in 1965 and has gained world wide recognition due to the quality of the selected works, as well as the extensive national and international exhibition program.
For this 15 th Silver Triennial, 147 artists from 19 nations submitted over 200 items to be judged by a jury comprising: Robert Bott, German master goldsmith; Pamela Auburn, Australian silversmith; and Professor Dr. Hufnagel, Chief Director of Collections for the State Museum for Applied Arts and Design in Munich.

In the past, the intimate place called ‘toilet’ was mainly regarded as a place only for personal secrecy and excretion. Only the cleanness and sanitation was emphasized. But with the change of times, the space ‘toilet’ became a place for private cogitation, a resting area to embellish our body and mind and even evaluated so as to become a place to judge the value of the certain space.

Hwan-Cheon YONG UntitleCeramic, Steel, 59x63x84, Undtationary Place, Glazed Ceramic, Plastic

In-Sun CHOI Opening the window of perception, We are the mosaics

Seong-Ja CHO  Rose apple, Tile, Glass Dreaming

Hong Seung-Hye United basics, Organic geometry

To relieve us with the curiosity, Clayarch Gimhae Museum presents <Dreaming Toilet> from October 24th, 2006 to April 22nd, 2007.
Sanitary wares such as washbasin and toilets, before only regarded as a mere material composing the internal area of the building is reborn through the artistic touch and the sensibility of the artists of diverse genre, such as installation, media art, sculpture and photography.

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