all-in-one measuring spoon Ahn Sang Gyeun John McCabe

Concept category: domestic aid
This multi-purpose measuring instrument takes the guesswork out of cooking, the bulk out of cupboards, and the expense out of buying kitchen utensils.

comcom first series, Samsung Design China,
Concept category: interaction & communication
Touch Messenger is a practical mobile phone for blind users. All features have been designed to be universally accessible, including a screen and keyboard for Braille text messaging.

universal toilet , Kim Changduk Hong Youngki , Concept category: interior
Universal Design is an approach to the design of all products and environments to make them as usable as possible by as many people as possible, regardless of age, ability or situation

e-book, LG Electronic, Concept category: productivity
Electronic, eco-sensitive, and ergonomic, this smart portable PC has been designed to give users the feeling of reading a slim magazine.

new dvilock , Yoon Ban Seok, Lee Hong Gyu
Concept category: productivity
A redesign of the DVI code lock makes handling simpler and connections firmer.

the rose of sharon , Nam Sang Woo, Concept category: packaging
A new perception of an everyday object is born with a simple box and a slit made on tissues.

bong bong boxer, Park Sang Hyun,  Kim Ji Ae, Concept category: recreation
The Bong-Bong Boxer makes fighting fun and educational for pre-school children.

seperate collection box for waste fluorescent lamp, Kim Changduk, Shim Heesung  Concept category: green
Broken fluorescent lamps pose serious threats to human and environmental health due to the mercury they contain. This product aims to limit the damage caused by their improper disposal.

lapbeat, Lee Dong Chul,Tamy Lee Joo Yeon , Concept category: recreation
Lapbeat will have you feeling, touching, moving… and enjoying the music.

play with learning, Lilly Kim Yun Jung , Concept category: education
How can colour, shape and texture help children develop into positive, creative and social beings while they are playing?

red dot award winners 2006

Ordinary object are harmony with each other through unconscious communication in our living space. Suggest both congnizance of these objects as obzee and exprience of the new feeling which stems from mixing their story, environment and usability.

Sukwoo Lee

solo exhibition 2006_1129 -  2006_1212 Gallery I
Glitter01-Mother of Pearl_FRP, Urethane finishing_1500x600x550_2006
Glitter04-Mother of Pearl_FRP, Urethane finishing_550x450x420_2006

Glitter02-Mother of Pearl_FRP, Urethane finishing_1900x550x500_2006
Glitter03, Glitter04-Mother of Pearl

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