ART to wear VOGUE KOREA Anual Graduation Project, 2007, 1, 25 - 2, 15

the fairy tale of forest, underland

art & craft, aurora in dark, TOMBOY

(Design Document), a form of Mook magazine, is monograph of young architecture of the world. Damdi Architecture Publishing

Prada's partnership with LG is showing result as official pics of the Prada phone are finally out. As we had mentioned earlier the Prada phone is a modified version of the LG KE850 handset which bears a close resemblence to the Apple iPhone.

The phone has a 3.0 inch wide touchscreen, 2 Megapixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens, Micro SD card slot, Bluetooth 2.0 and a media player. Glowing icons on the face of the phone disappear when not in use to reveal a pure, un-adulterated black exterior. The phone will come preloaded with exclusive Prada content including a classy B&W theme, ringtones and an exclusive leather case, inspired by the classic Italian craftsmen tradition.

LG PRADA, available in Europe starting February 2007 costing around 600 Euros or US$777.50

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