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This Recently completed Deep House (House with Deep Wall) is the culmination of 6-year-long pursuit and determination of its architect Homin Kim. Credit for successful completion of the daunting task goes to Kim’s ambitious vision to situate a modern and practical residence in challenging landscape backed by unwavering support and trust of the client. Most striking feature of the Deep House is its roof, slanted at an angle, which streamlines flawless as walls as a single unit.

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By opting against conventional use of the concept of roof and eaves and adopting exterior stone louvers, volume of the Deep House is dispersed in shallow depth throughout. Hollow space created underneath the slanted roof and the vertical walls is designed to serve not only as a layer of insulation improving the energy efficiency but also extra storage space.

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Another noticeable feature of the Deep House is its use of corner windows. Once the layout of the rooms was confirmed, corners of the rooms were left exposed by installing box-type windows. Rooms and the size of corner windows were strategically laid out to allow maximum benefit of the spectacular scenery from inside while minimizing adverse impact of chilly winter draft.

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It also manifests the most important element of spatial concept: micro space. Corner windows are ‘window space’ but also creates ‘room inside room’ not separated by any physical boundary of walls. The room may appear as one space, but we can clearly perceive that an independent space exists there. Kim was aware of people’s inclination to find corner space cozy and useful regardless of the size of their homes, and he wanted to utilize that instinct.

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Deep House project was a process of searching creative solutions to work around seemingly conflicting elements such as efficiency and style, function and form and necessity and redundancy. Factors that may seem irrelevant are assigned with critical functions in greater context. Kim highlighted that the Deep House project was his attempt to challenge the dogma of modernism that “Form follows Function” and propose creative alternatives.

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Architects : poly.m.ur Location : Seoul, South Korea Architect in Charge : Homin Kim Design Team : Sunki Hwang, Hyunju Lim Area : 647.71 m2 Project Year : 2016 Manufacturers : Rheinzink, Lime, pine-wood Contractor : Ean R&C Structural Engineer : Thekujo


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Homunculus, 2018 Glass, Gold Leaf 24k, W10" D12 H12"

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Today, humans have entered into a contemporary society that values a marked individuality, but the parent’s generation, which controls the society, is still conservative. Parents want to get satisfaction from their children by infusing their values. The children meanwhile are in chaos, confused between a rapidly changing society and the conservative values of their parents.

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Toys represent the purity and innocence of childhood and it is through this purity and innocence of toys that people have some of their most profound experiences in life.

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TICKYTACKY /PINK#314 2015 Glass, W9.5" D9.5" H7.5"

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If we use children as an analog for toys, then society can be thought of as a factory that produces inferior toys (children) with only the goal of gaining the highest profits (producing adults that will be good earners). Through my artwork, I want to express that children in Korea today are like mass produced toys. They are meant to be all exactly alike, lacking individuality and quality of character, a whole society of people who are easily replaceable and hold little value as individuals, just like mass produced plastic toys or paper dolls.

Namdoo Kim is a contemporary artist with a focus in Critical-Pop Art. He has a very individual and personal voice within his body of work. Using a sense of sarcasm and pop-style resources, he is revealing political problems of Korea.

He is dealing with critical aspects of contemporary Korean society and its effect on people, particularly the relationship between children and parents. He uses products for children, such as toys and dolls, as vehicles for symbolism in his body of work. Now he is focusing on creating authenticity and depth in his work criticizing the social norms in South Korea and showing the differences and similarities compared to cultures around the world.

Originally from South Korea, Namdoo Kim currently is studying his Ph.D. research at The Australian National University. Kim received a BFA in glass and ceramic at Hong-ik University in Seoul, South Korea, before earning his MFA in glass at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY in 2013. His work has been featured in exhibitions around the world. He also had been selected as an Artist in Residency at Pilchuck Glass School and Corning Museum of Glass.

Namdoo Kim

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VUO portable 360 camera

VUO is a portable 360 camera that uses a total of four lenses to record two offset 360 images simultaneously, letting consumers capture realistic Virtual Reality experiences. The offset images replicate the human’s natural discrepancy between two eyes, providing the accurate depth required for creating immersive content.

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MEIZU HALO Laser Bluetooth Earbuds

Halo is a set of Bluetooth earphones that introduces a way of wearing the laser light. The product design is smoothly minimal, emphasizing the flowing wire of light as well as providing soft tactility. The wire itself is wrapped in a uniform knit that creates a subtle pattern of laser light and also feels comfortable to the touch.

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CLIK PLUS Truly Wireless Earbuds with Live Language Translation

As a continued collaboration with Mymanu, a startup based in United Kingdom, we worked to refine the original Clik truly wireless earbuds design during the product development stages, as well as the product packaging.

During the product development stages, we worked with the manufacturing engineers based in China to ensure that every detail of the design was correctly implemented and the production met the quality in terms of material, construction, post-mold processing, and structure.

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ZEROKEY TRACKER Portable Room-Scale VR Tracker

Full room-scale VR tracking adds another dimension to the user interaction with VR content: position. With position tracking, users can freely move around the VR space physically. However, this technology is currently only available in the form of fixed setups that need to be precisely configured, which requires a lot of equipment as well as taking a long time to install.

Zerokey’s technology in development brings this immersive technology to portable VR experiences by use of ultra-portable tracking beacons that require little to no setup. The portable beacons act as sensors for precise measurement of the user’s location by triangulating their positioning.

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ZEROKEY GLOVE Natural hand interface VR controller

Technological growth and interest in the field of consumer Virtual Reality is rising faster than ever, and the means of physically interacting with VR content has yet to ripen. Zerokey is a startup based in Canada developing a special technology that enables millimeter-level digital interaction using the most intuitive tool a human has: your fingers.

Zerokey Glove is made of highly breathable and unobtrusive microfiber cloth material for comfort, even during long periods of use. Inside the cloth are small hidden sensors detecting every finger’s movements. The glove can be put on simply by wrapping the long wrist strap around the wrist and fastened via velcro.

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BLOSSOM Portable 360-Audio Bluetooth Speaker

Blossom is an internal project for the lifestyle product brand based in France, LEXON. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker with 360 degrees listening experience, in the form of a beautifully blossomed flower that's been simplified into geometric shapes of a cone and a cylinder. The audio produced from the bottom-up is projected in all directions by the cone shape.

This is an example of using design as a function, rather than relying on complex engineering and technology. Blossom’s iconic and simple shape becomes a beautiful addition to an interior design.

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LED ALUMINUM LIGHT Portable Flashlight and Lamp

With the main inspiration coming from the mentality of minimalism in design and manufacturing, the LED Aluminum Light was created as an internal project for the minimalist lifestyle product brand MUJI.

LED Aluminum Light is a portable light source that can be used as a directional flashlight as well as an ambient lamp light source. It has the silhouette and proportions of a very “typical” flashlight, giving the product a nostalgic familiarity. Its design is based on a cost-effective manufacturing technique, living up to MUJI’s motto: "Offering good quality products for good prices.

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THINO Portable Device Charger and Battery

Working with a Europe-based startup and engineers in China, we created Thino, a portable device charging accessory with dedicated small portable battery. The product went through a successful crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo.

BEBOP product and brand designers who define/refine/redefine your brand, and develop a system of holistic design with our dynamic approach that adapts to what is best for the product and ultimately for your brand. Our transparent process of meticulous collaboration allow us to challenge each other and push the boundary. Together, we are here to design your vision.


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