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Bump Candle Stick

This is a one-off experimental piece, hand turned in Cherry and blackened in Sumi. It holds a 3/4” taper candle, with a copper ferrule to protect the wood from burning. The bump on the side can be removed to reveal a compartment for holding strike anywhere matches (not provided).

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Hand Turned Maple Bowl

Hand turned bowl of Rock Maple. The wood used to make this bowl is exceptionally hard, dense, and strong. Finished with a homemade all-natural mix of beeswax and oil, the bowl practically glows and will wear nicely.

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Loop Tray

The Loop Tray is a hand turned and multi-use tray with a vegetable tan leather handle. Available in two American hardwoods, and finished with an all natural food safe finish. The Loop Tray is perfect as a catch-all, fruit bowl, organizer, jewelry display/storage, etc.

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Oloid Sculpture

This kinetic sculpture is inspired by the geometric shape discovered in 1929 of the same name. Hand made in ebonized American Black Walnut.

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Plant Stand

Plant Stand in ebonized American Black Walnut.

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Walnut Standing Bowl

Ebonized American Walnut Bowl with Holly feet. This hand turned bowl would make a unique center piece. Finished with a homemade all-natural mix of beeswax and oil, the bowl practically glows and will wear nicely. A small .5 oz tin of the wood balm is included and will keep the bowl looking great.

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Triangle Dinner Bell

A hand bent steel triangle, with an English Bridle Leather hanger which conveniently holds the solid brass striker. An update on a timeless object.

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Walnut Duster

Boar bristle duster with hand turned walnut handle finished with beeswax.

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Zig Zag Trivet Set of 3 Set of Three Zig Zag Trivets. Use individually for pots, pans, kettles, etc. Or use multiple for casseroles, trays, etc.

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Zig Zag Cutting Board Zig Zag Cutting board set. Made of American Sycamore. The flat side of each board acts as a cutting board, while the Zig Zag side can be used as trivets or serving boards. Finished with a food safe, homemade all-natural mix of beeswax and oil. A small .5 oz tin of the wood balm is included and will keep the boards looking great.

Pat Kim is a New York based designer/artist working primarily in objects, furniture, and sculpture. His approach is defined by constant experimentation in materials and methods gleaned from traditional craft. His work is rooted in the philosophy of sculptural simplicity and enduring quality.

Pat Kim

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Manufactured objects conspicuously transform into unexpected new forms, making a strong statement about the cultural condition of abundance. Sharp attention is focused on reconsideration of the ordinary.

This Savage series used discarded plastic objects, assembled them together, and wrapped them in natural material- jute and cowhide leather. The objects amalgamated from their original shape by concealing their origins and revealing new forms. The work is a testament to the scope of innovation, invention and beauty born out even the most mundane, everyday objects.

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Savage Series Black Edition Sofa 2016 Various plastics, leather cord 70 x 35 x 45 inches (177.8 x 88.9 x 114.3 cm)

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Savage Series Black Edition Sofa, Side Table

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Savage Series Black Edition Side Table 2014 Various plastics, cast iron skillet, leather cord 38 x 38 x 18 inches (96.5 x 96.5 x 45.7 cm)

Jay Sae Jung Oh was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea.

Educated in the arts of sculpture, she pursued a Bachelors of Arts and holds a Master’s Degree in Sculpture from Kookmin University, South Korea. During her practice in the fine arts, Oh became focused on the ability of design to communicate in a much more familiar manner. The importance of design as a vehicle for communicate compelled her to join the 3D Design Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, MI. At Cranbrook, Oh was able to transcend the boundaries of art and design, culminating the two entities into one.

Since Cranbrook, Ms. Oh has worked alongside NYC based, Italian designer, Gaetano Pesce on a multitude of projects from furniture, installations and product design. Currently a visiting professor at Industrial Design, The University of Illinois at Chicago, IL, Ms. Oh continues to build her body of work, creating striking pieces that explore the multiple intersections of art and design.

Sae Jung Oh

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Steel Grove is a modern translation of a traditional Korean house in terms of how exterior spaces are composed. The mainstream housing for Koreans are “the apartments”. More than 90 percent of Korean population lives in apartments or houses that resemble apartments.These functional living machines don’t have exterior spaces. Tradition Korean houses have various exterior spaces; front yard, backyard, taenmaru (narrow wooden porch running along the outside of a room), daecheongmaru (main porch).

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Each exterior spaces have different function to different rooms. Furthermore, some exterior spaces even have relations with the streets outside the fence. has various exterior spaces that resembles the characteristics of a traditional Korean house. Each exterior space relates with each other and has different function to individual rooms. When you open the main door, you enter an open roofed space, and that space is connected by an atrium to the dining room.

That atrium also relates to the front garden which is connected by the living room. The front garden is also related to the 2nd floor’s deck. While most of exterior spaces in are located in-side the house and function with-in the house, the south façade and the south garden, however, tries to relate, or to communicate, with the streets of the neighbourhood.

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In order to create privacy, one needs to close a façade. In order to create a relationship, one needs to open a façade. These two characters innately contradict each other. We came up with the idea of “Steel Grove” to solve the two contradicting qualities. After many studies, the “Steel Grove” was designed in the form of a stain-less steel pipe, which not only creates a sense of privacy, but also relates to the nature and the neighbourhood. The “Steel Grove” is made of 4 different types of stain-less steel pipe. It was produced after many sample productions in order to find the most stable balance.

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The “Steel Grove” not only solves the functional aspect of the house but also tries to create a new type of relation with the streets of the neighbourhood. When the sun is up, the “Steel Grove” stands out and acts as the façade. The direct sun light is delicately scattered by the “Steel Grove” when entering the room. When the sun is down, the lights from the rooms permeates through the “Steel Grove” generating a different façade from the daytime. The façade changes create a different environment for the street trough times of the day. By doing so we tried to give a relation-ship between the house and the neighbourhood.

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When we started to dig, we found a foundation for a wall from “Joseon Dynasty”. A “wall” symbolizes protection and implementation of the most advanced technology to maximize that function of protection. We tried to integrate the meaning of a “wall” in the designing process in terms of applying protection of the house from the everyday hazard and using the most advanced construction method we could find.

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Throughout our careers as an architect, we met one of the best concrete construction team and the most sophisticated metalsmith team in South Korea. We were privileged to know these teams to realize the details of the “Steel Grove”.

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Architects ar-Architects Location Gimhae-si, South Korea Architect in Charge Lee Joo Hyoung, Kang Shin Il Area 274.0 m2 Project Year 2017 Photographs Sergio Pirrone Manufacturers Hansgrohe, Moooi, Eagon Team Kim Dongwon


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