Architect: Yoo Kerl │ Location: 24-4 Songdo-dong ,Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, Korea │ Site area: 24,043㎡ │ Total floor area: 2,645㎡ │ Building to land ratio: 12.78% │ Floor area ratio: 8.51% │ Building scope: 3F, B1 │ Structure: R.C., Steel │ Exterior finishing: metalic panel, exposed concrete │ Design period: 2007.8~

The Incheon Tri-bowl is started with the idea being against to general thoughts about architecture. It is composed of a curved floor with a flat roof instead of a flat floor with a curved roof of general architecture. This memorial hall is basically used for exhibitions and is designed to have a wide ceiling for those exhibitions. LED lambs, composing the ceiling, make different information available on those at any times. The structure is floating on a rectangular reflection pond and patrons will be entering it through a long bridge passing underneath of the mass.

The interior was finished with a transparent material and also a lightweight structure with being separated to the shell body. The circulation of patrons is in the trace of a continuous cubic curve which is making multiple actions like circling, going up and down and etc.

There are service space consisted of rooms for exhibition, performance and rest as well as office space. The exhibition and performance space can accept about 400 people and the patrons can see the exhibits hanging from the ceiling through the trace of a cubic curve. It is mainly a one-way curved surface from a free curve and a conic curve under the shell body. The exterior is finished with exposed concrete on the lower part of the shell while the upper part of the shell is finished with aluminimum panels.

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