Zoonomia, 2012  Work-In-Progress

In my most recent video, “Zoonomia”, I investigate the complex and seemingly capricious aspects of evolution. Desmond Morris, in his book “The Naked Ape”, referred to human history as the remarkable success story of a modestly designed mammal”. What if conditions had been different and had favored the development of other species instead of mankind? What if animals and insects were equal to “our arrogant dominant species” and extinct creatures returned?

Zoonomia, 2012  Work-In-Progress, Still

The camera begins with the blink of an eye, establishing the viewer as the protagonist, and moves through a garden/forest where every leaf and twig is made by hand. Embedded within the foliage are many creatures and hybrid - humans plus moving video images which act as portals to different worlds.

YeonJin Kim

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